Murchison Falls in North Western Uganda

Self Drive Trip to Murchison Falls National Park

Located at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, Murchison Falls National Park, hosts about 76 species of mammals and 451 birds. It is among the most popular national parks in Uganda offering visitors to see a good number of wild animals including 3 of the big five i.e elephants, lions and buffaloes as well as giraffes, crocodiles, hippos etc. Along the way to Murchison, you can have a visit to two place with different activities to do. The places are the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for rhino tracking, visit Budongo forest which is just 46km away from Murchison falls for chimpanzee tracking. You can have a self drive Uganda safari to Murchison falls national park with the least of days being 3day and our emphasis is on:

A 3days self drive safari to Murchison falls is a short Uganda Wildlife Safari. This  wildlife tour holiday features tracking Rhinos, a launch cruise on the River Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls, Safari Game Drives to see Lion, Giraffe, Big 5, Birds, Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, antelopes etc.

Day 1: Drive to Murchison Falls National park via Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary

This first day, you will be welcomed to Uganda. You get ready to explore much about this beautiful country. Hoping that you received your rental car in time, remember it is very important and safe to hire a 4×4 vehicle for yourself drive trip to all National parks. Make sure your car is in perfect condition and then get ready to set off, many of the rental cars have GPS services to  help you  on the road, Murchison Falls National Park is approximately 7 hours from Kampala the capital City of Uganda. You are on self drive; you have enough time to stop and check various interesting points along the way, but do not miss out a stop at the Zziwa Rhino sanctuary. This sanctuary was established to save the endangered Rhino species from poachers at Murchison Falls National Park, it is so interesting to Track the Rhinos and so memorable, this can be a good spot for a lunch meal and thereafter proceed to the Park. Do not forget to capture the Karuma Falls and the baboons on the sides of the road. Enjoy the rest of your evening at the park lodge with dinner and Overnight at the lodge of your own including;

Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury), Nile River Lodge (Mid range) and  Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget)

Day 2: Whole Adventure  in Murchison falls national park

This day 2, you will have a  full day at the park and there is so much adventure waiting on you. Have your early breakfast and get ready to join others for a morning game drive in the park. Meet the nocturnal animals returning to their dens to rest after a whole night of working and then also meet the early raisers waiting for the new sun. Lookout for the towering giraffes, warrior buffaloes, herds of elephants, lions, the kobs, antelopes, and many other small creatures and rodents. Various birds also celebrate morning singing in the trees, and interesting vegetation like the borous palm trees scattered all over the park.

Drive to the lodge for a lunch break, you  can decide to  check out the lounge or information center at your lodge as you  wait on lunch or just take a swim  as well in case it is quite hot. After a yummy lunch, embark on launch trip/ boat cruise along the Nile. Peel your eyes and get your camera ready to capture hippos relaxing in the waters, crocodiles on the river banks, buffaloes also on the muddy sides of the banks, various birds as well. Many of the launch trips destine to the bottom of the powerful waterfall, hence offering you an amazing of the whole Murchison Falls. Return to your lodge for rest of your evening at leisure, sit at the camp fire and make new friends, or just choose a private table with your loved one. Accommodation will be

Paraa Safari Lodge (Luxury),Nile River Lodge (Mid range) and Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget)

Day 3: Drive to Kampala or Entebbe

Well , it would have an  adventure with 2 nights in the park and today you complete the 3 days trip to Murchison Falls National Park. Before you drive out of the park, make a stop at the top of the falls, you need this memory to go with you all the way home, see how the clam River Nile squeezes through the Rocks and falls wildly over 45m deeps into the world’s most powerful waterfall. After a great moment at the top of the falls, you can either choose to visit the park headquarters on your way out and carry home some souvenirs at the craft shop or drive back to Kampala. You can add on your fun  by  yourself drive trip with a stop on the road and purchase some roasted chicken for beef and a popular Ugandan hot Rolex.







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