Madagascar Adventures

5 Madagascar Adventures You Should Try

Known for its tourists attractions Madagascar is an island country like no other. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean the island is full of palm trees, gorgeous white beaches and stunning views. We list the 5 Madagascar adventures worth trying and with a number of Madagascar specials, what are you waiting for?

1. Take a hike and finish off with a hot tub
For hot springs the Parc National de Ranomafana is the perfect choice. The village is full of rooms with hot tubs and might we add nothing completes a day like a hot tub. The hot water helps one relax and unwind. Guided treks are also worth checking out, go on an adventure and discover gorgeous bamboo lemurs. For accommodation the private and secluded La Palmerie hotel is ideal as it serves home-cooked crepes covered in chocolate. In addition visitors get an opportunity to meet one of the oldest residents in Madagascar; Dadalira is 106 years old man who’s lived through enough to write a library of books.

2. Fried dough balls for breakfast and haute cuisine to follow
Madagscar was colonised by the French who also had a strong influence in the island country. Visitors can dine at a “hotely” which is located on side of the road; this establishment serves heaps of fried dough balls served with sweet coffee and condensed milk. Deep-fried bananas and rice cakes are also on sale. Situated not far from there is La Varangue a respectable restaurant. This establishment features one of the world’s top five chefs, Lalaina Ravelomanana. His menu includes a variety of dishes such as “explosion du chef”.

3. A Lakeside Lemur expedition
Camp Bandro situated at Lac Aloatra features the island’s largest lake. Going on a canoe at dawn in search of Bandro or bamboo lemur is an adventure of its own. As you push through thick reeds with the sun rising, the sight itself resembles one of planet Pandora. Papyrus shoots all around surrounded by grey bamboo lemurs. The trip is rather long; the camp has two bungalows, and a beautiful garden of roses which makes the trip worthwhile.

4. Meet the Indri Lemur
Andasibe has four national parks. These rain-forest are home to the island’s largest lemur species, the Indri. The rain forest is also home to big monochrome creatures that live above the ground. Look out for large green Parson’s chameleons and different giraffe-necked weevil. Take a visit to Vakona Lodge’s lemur island, a home for rescued lemurs.

5. Philanthropy
Madagascar is a country that’s full of culture, diversity and poverty. The Akany Avoko in Antananarivo is a children’s home for 120 homeless kids. The home provides funds for the children’s education and craft workshops. The workshops help the children to make clothes, bags, cookery classes and screen-print t-shirts. Visitors get an opportunity to meet and greet the children, visit the craft shop and learn more about these beautiful children.






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