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Experience Uganda’s Wildlife on a Self Drive Safari

Sometimes referred to as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a multi ethnic country which encompasses a wide variety of wildlife, languages, cultures and religions. The country is a perfect holiday destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It has got many wildlife reserves, beautiful lakes and rivers, sightseeing flora & fauna, thundering waterfalls and national parks for visitors. All this makes Uganda a true unique destination.

Several of the wildlife that can be found in Uganda includes: fish, birds, Reptiles, lions, elephants, buffalo, rhino not forgetting the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees and much more. There are millions of tourists who visit Uganda to enjoy the beautiful parks and get a glimpse of species of animals and birds. During a wildlife safari, it is quite great and adventurous.  Usually, very many great people plan for wildlife safaris in Uganda. Your self –drive safari is one of the cost-effective and exhilarating touring options for the more independent travelers to Uganda though it comes with some challenges in being handling potential problem with a certain degree of open mindedness.

Taking a self drive safari in Uganda is very adventurous. The wildlife enthusiasts do take a self drive safari because it is very economical option to explore the wildlife in Uganda. When you use self drive safaris using our company, it will give you the freedom to experience the rugged beauty of nature at your own pace. Our country has developed as a safe spot for self-drive vacations with very excellent roads, spectacular scenery and abundance of wild animals. As a visitor to Uganda, it is very important to have prior knowledge of the directions, to avoid off-road driving which will give you a wonderful and memorable experience. You will be required to drive on your own or you can take the assistance of the guide that can assist you with navigation. Our company offers car rental operators and we offer a range of vehicles including; Toyota Land Cruiser, Safari min vans, Nissan Patrol for self-drive purposes. Our company 4×4 vehicles are equipped with all the equipment that are required for tours and safaris.

The 4×4 Vehicle Hire is highly recommended for use, during yourself drive safari. It is highly recommended to drive through rugged roads and dirt tracks. The country has much to offer in the form of wildlife. The benefits of self-drive safaris in Uganda include; you as a driver, you will decide your own traveling companions. You will enjoy great comfort and privacy. The overall trip is decided by you and your companions. It also Allows complete flexibility and freedom: Always, you will decide on the overall itinerary and the pace of the journey.

Unlimited travel and affordable

You will benefit from using a self drive car. It is convenience and favorable. Our company will provide you with self drive car at quite lesser costs and unlimited mileage. You should, avoid the push of using the public taxis and then go for a self-drive car rental. If you want your car drive to be successful in Uganda, then you are advised to book and rent the car in advance.  This will avoid stress and, this should be the first step you should do when you are travelling during the high seasons. Remember, some of the highest seasons are Christmas and Easter seasons.

Subsequent to   booking the car in advance for a self drive, it will allow you choose the right car for yourself to drive. To be in position to book the car in advance, you will be required to establish; places you want to go to, the number of days you are going to spend on a holiday, and the number of people you are travelling with. In cities, you may not need a 4X4 wheel drive car. This type of car will be required to be driven up country; it is a must that you will get a 4X4 wheel drive car. For you to enjoy your safari, you out to book in advance. Prior bookings are very essential to avoid any last time hassle. Contact us through or call our hotline +256751552950 for bookings and inquiries.







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