Booking a Car With Driver in Uganda

Uganda is the pearl of Africa, located in East Africa, guess what, it is a land locked country. This doesn’t stop the country to be among the best touristic country offering many wonders to both international and local visitors. Many types of visitors flock the country to see the amazing creatures located in Uganda. Some decide to book all-inclusive safari, other decide to drive themselves visiting different places and also others decide to book a car and driver in Uganda and seat behind to enjoy the trip.

Advantages of hiring a car with driver

Driver guides know different destinations and the directions. A visitor who rent a car with driver will not need navigation system to locate places.

Driver guides give knowledge about destinations, different attractions and useful information concerning a destination.

Driver guides makes the trip memorable, there will be no boredom most especially to solo travelers, they give company all through the trip, sharing useful tips concerning the country.

Driver guide will help a lot when it comes to a camping safari, whether it is with a pitching tent or rooftop tent. Driver guide will give a hand where necessary.

Drivers also identify good camping grounds on camping trip and will always make sure the clients are in good conditions.

For those with no proper itinerary, driver guide will give knowledge on how the itinerary should flow, the way to connect to different destination of the choice and etc.

Driver guides can interpret languages, for instance, for visitors speaking Germany, the Germany speaking guide can be allocated to go the trip.

Driver guides can help to identify good accommodation facilities for those with no planned trip.

Driver guides will brief visitors about what is necessary for some activities like gorilla tracking, they know the time visitors are supposed to be at the headquarters and wait for the park guides briefing about the does and don’ts.

Driver guide will remind the visitors to go with the permits for verification.

Driver guides can give a hand in case the car gets a problem, He will make sure he finds a solution to the problem.

Experienced driver guides have valid driving license and when the traffic officer stops the car on the road, he will know on what to do.

Places which can be visited with Driver Guide

All tourism places can be visited with a driver guides. It is the visitor’s preference to choose whether he or she goes with a driver or self-drive on the trip in Uganda.

Bwindi National Park: Activities which can be done here include, Gorilla Tracking, nature walks, birding, and Community encounters. Driver guides will give necessary information regarding the activities in Bwindi national park.

Kibale National Park: Activities in this park include, Chimpanzee Tracking, Nature walks, birding, Bigodi swamp walk, other community encounters.

Semliki National Park: This park is found in Bundibugyo; it can be visited from Kibale National Park or from fort portal. Renting a car with driver idea works well here. Activities which can be done in Semliki include, game drives, Nature walks like visiting the hot springs, Birding, Community encounters like visiting Batwa of Semliki and many more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Activities in this park include, Game drives, Boat cruises, Chimpanzee tracking in kyambura, Visiting Katwe Salt Lake, Community encounters, lion experience, birding and many more. Driver guides provide useful information about the destination.

Lake Bunyonyi: This is regarded as a relaxing destination, and mostly visitors from Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth come to Lake Bunyonyi and relax. Activities here include, relaxations, boat cruises, visiting Batwa people around Islands, zip lining, nature walks and many more.

Lake Mburo National Park: It is found near Mbarara and it is a half day drive from Kampala. It can be visited on short rentals, weekend gateways, public holidays, and many more. Car rental visitors can do activities like game drives, boat cruise, birding, Horse riding, cycling, Night game drives, Nature walks and many more.

Murchison falls National Park: This is the Biggest National Park in Uganda; it has a lot to offer to visitors. Clients on car rental can do activities like Game drives, boat cruises to the bottom of the falls, birding, visiting the top of the falls, Community encounters and many more.

Kidepo valley National Park: This is among the remote National parks in Uganda, mostly visited by clients on long rental. Though it’s far but unique and memorable. Car hire visitors enjoy activities like game drives, and the unique culture around the park.






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