What to Carry With You When Picking Up a Rental Car in Uganda

There is nothing disappointing like being turned away at the car rental desk because you do not posses the right paperwork! But here we bring to you the guide to ensure you have a smooth start to your car rental in Uganda.

Valid driving license

The valid driving license is a must-have! The main driver plus the rest of the other drivers you would like to add should present their full driving licenses. The main driver is that person whose name the reservation is in.

In case you only possess a paper driving license with no photo card, the car rental agency team may require you to present your passport to serve as a proof of identity. Some car hire companies may also ask for your international driving permit especially if you are renting a car from some countries.

Please cross-check with the specific Terms and Conditions of your car booking to ascertain if you need an international driving permit or not prior presenting yourself at the car rental counter.

Note, photocard licenses do not offer relevant information on penalty points/convictions that the car rental agency might inquire/require to see. But you can print a summary of your license info online. However, you may require a driving license number, home address postcode, national insurance number among others.

Obtain a license check code online such that the car rental agency can cross-check your driving record. The code at times takes a period of about 21 days, approximately 3 weeks and you can be in position to use it but only once.

Proof of ID

The car rental company or agency team may require you to present proof of your identity. This can be in form of passport or proof of address for those of you who will be renting a car in their home country. However, a section of car rental agencies may inquire for 2 different proofs of address; either a utility bill and a bank statement or even all in the main driver’s name.

Credit card

Depending on the mode you used to pay for your rental car, you may need to carry a credit card in the main driver’s name. This comes at times when your car rental agency asks you to make a deposit to cover the costs of any repairs in case of any damage caused by you while on Uganda safari.

Most Uganda car hire companies normally take such deposits by blocking an amount on a credit card meaning the money won’t be spent elsewhere. Since the money can not be ring-fenced in this criterion using a debit card in which money can come straight out of client’s bank statement, the car renter then requires a credit card to help him or her make a deposit. Note, it is something rare among car rental agencies/companies to accept debit cards and this means that you will require a credit card.


On the day of picking up your rental car, ensure that you carry with you the car booking details. This include the voucher, booking number, phone number, address of car rental location you will be picking the car from. After all this paperwork is done then you are ready to hit the road to any destination of your choice to enjoy your Uganda safari holiday. Have fun-filled trip in the pearl of Africa!

In summary, before you hit the road to pick up your rental car, ensure that you understand what you require during car pick up. But with the above general information, we believe it will be of great help to you. Try to check the terms and conditions of car hire companies to get to know their specifications.






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