Uganda Road Trip

Tips For Your Ultimate Road Trip in Uganda

Driving feature among the most exciting things that everyone yearns for but your safety and the rest of other road users is ideally the most crucial factor to note. Usually, driving in Uganda tends to be very challenging not for foreign travellers alone but also to local drivers who get to new destinations. However, to have a safe road trip in Uganda the following tips must be followed whether you are a local or foreign driver.

Extend your vision

The most crucial thing that you should do to ensure that you are save while driving is simply to be focused and see what is ahead  of you. This will help you to curb down the dangerous moments prior them becoming late on your side. The faster you realize the likely hazard on road, the more time you will have to prepare in order to overcome it. Besides looking as far as the car ahead of you while driving, you should also have the ability to scan the road in front to a distance of about 12 seconds ahead of where your vehicle is.

Maintain eye movement

The majority of people tend to look in front of their cars only as they drive leaving out everything that is taking place on the road. Besides looking in front, you should also use the mirrors to view sideways and behind most times to ascertain what is in and around you while on traffic. Keeping eye movement and concentrating on what is going on around you can also assist you to stay alert while on distant safaris.

Create a safety cushion

Make sure that you make a cushion of safety around your entire car by ensuring that there is a safe distance in all directions between you, other cars and potential hazards. This offers enough time for you and the rest of the road users to avoid any kind of challenge ahead. Make cushion of safety ahead and behind you by keeping a safe following distance. You should also create a safety cushion to the sides by maintaining a safe distance from any hazards on your sides like driveways, parked cars, cyclists or children playing on the footpath. The relatively affordable insurance cover you can have is space in and around your car. Maintaining enough space can help you stay safe while on Uganda road trip.

Never get distracted

While on road, you can easily be distracted especially by music, talking, crossing sceneries and roadside advertising. This can easily divert your attention from concentrating on the road. Therefore learn to ignore any kind of distraction and concentrate on your road trip. In case you are to look side ways off the road, make sure that you check properly in front and behind for any likely hazards. Never look away in case you can see the likely hazards. In case you look side ways from the road, ensure that you do not go off road again. Do not take your eyes away from the road for longer period of time.

Identity escape routes

Bearing the above tips can certainly assist you to curb down any likely dangerous crash but besides any kind of effort, at times, you will still find yourself on a direct collision course with another car. And this calls for you to identify any possible escape routes all the time while on road trip. This will help you take action for any likely danger of crash. Usually, the escape routes can be your left; you should therefore be keen on what is on your left hand side of the road while driving. In case of any absence of safe escape routes, reduce the speed and increase the distance to allow you make a stop in case of any crash.

Continuous learning

Being a driver, you must always be continuous learner. Make sure that you keep searching for better ways to enhance your safe driving skills. Practice and the right attitude can assist you refine your skills though there are courses that you can take to make you a safer driver. There are several driving schools which offer better driving courses and you can easily enhance your skills.

In conclusion, driving requires you to be keen on what is in and around you and by doing this, you would have improved on your safety on road trip in Uganda. With the above listed tips, we believe that they will guide you well and you will have the most enjoyable trip in the Pearl of Africa.






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