Road Tripping Rwanda

Staying Safe on Ugandan and Rwandan Roads

Road safety is number one priority for all travelers in every country because everyone wishes to reach their destinations without any inconveniences. in Africa, road accidents are very common and this is attributed to poor driving by the drivers and bad roads. It is estimated that 15% deaths in Africa are caused by road accidents. In East Africa this is still a problem and many people have lost both lives and property. It’s therefore very important for tourists to know some of the guides to keep safe while driving on some of the roads in these countries. Our emphasis will be on Uganda and Rwanda simply because it’s our area of operation when it comes to hiring out cars. Below are some of the tips to take note of;-

Know all the road signs;- this is very important especially for tourists interested in taking driving themselves in either Uganda or road. There are certain road signs which are placed on different roads to guide drivers on what to do and what to expect. Drivers must follow these sign post so as to avoid accidents. Some are so important in that if ignored one may get an accident for example the “humps ahead” sign.

Tie the belt; – before you start a car, make sure that you have tied the belt very well. Most drivers especially in Uganda ignore this putting their lives in danger. Belts help the driver to keep in control in case of any unexpected humps. Even during an accident it’s the belt to minimize the injuries by keeping both the driver and passengers on their seats. At our company, we always offer advice to our customers who rent our cars and tying the belts is one of them.

Keep left while driving in Uganda and right when in Rwanda. In Uganda, most cars are right-handed and they are required to keep left. This must be followed by drivers to ensure safety on the road. In Rwanda, most cars are left-handed and drivers keep right. A tourist especially who is planning to rent a car in Uganda for use should take note of this to avoid misbehaving on the road.

Be patient while driving;-this is so vital especially when driving though busy places where there are many cars. Impatience is one of the causes of accidents in east Africa as drivers try to overtake even when they are not supposed to. They end up knocking pedestrians or even other cars. We always encourage drivers to keep in the correct lane while driving and only overtake where necessary. Patience on the road guarantees safety to your destination and therefore should not be ignored.

Know the rules and regulations on the road;- different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to road usage and drivers are encouraged to know them to avoid being caught off guard by the traffic officers. The rules and regulations of Uganda are different from those of Rwanda and therefore a tourist should take note of them before driving a car.

The above tips are important and once followed, am sure you will get to your destination I n both Uganda and Rwanda without any problem.






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