Self Drive in Africa

Self Drive Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Whether you are interested in guided tours or self drive safaris, all your travel interests will be covered when you make a choice in one of our fleets of car rentals especially the 4 wheel Rav4 cars or the Toyota Land Cruisers which can navigate through all kinds of the terrains on Ugandan roads that lead up to where most of the tourist attractions are located. However, if you are interested in simple vehicles with limited operations which any self drive car hire independent traveler can manage, there is no need to worry because you will also be covered.

Driving in Uganda especially through the magnificent protected areas is something significant for self drive car hire adventures. You have to entirely read through rules pertaining driving in and around the park boundaries just like you take care of driving while along the country’s border area otherwise you will disorganize with conservation and wildlife safety. For successful tour in Uganda, you need to take note of the guidelines and have sighted a few of them below;

To have a unique road trip in Uganda, make sure that you put on your seat belts at all times just in case the traffic offer sees, you he or she doesn’t disturb you. Safety belts aren’t a punishment to put on but they are crucial for your own safety while on the road.

Maintain specific distance between you and the next person in front of you. At worse keep a distance of two for an Ipsum and 4 Vitz. But also be critical when it comes to space that you leave between you and the next car as the traffic officers can come and question you. In many cases, small vehicles for instance the Vitz are usually driven by ladies automatic vehicles by men. There is a belief that mature men take on big vehicles for instance the Prados and other luxury cars.

Besides, driving at the park equally requires you to keep a certain distance away for the wildlife. A distance of 100 meters is always recommended for you to keep and you will have the most enjoyable trip with Uganda’s wildlife species.

Take note of your speed while driving in Uganda. However note that speed restrictions are just arbitrary figures that are meant to guide you and they may not be significant when you at a rush hour where you can have the slowest traffic. While at the park, you are required to slow down up to at least 40 kilometers per hour. This also will help you catch a glimpse at most wildlife species compared if you hurried.

Always be critical on those who want to get to the road as if you do not want to go otherwise the more you keep allowing them you would have delayed and your destination can be far for you to reach. Avoid be delayed by people who want to simply get into the road.

While at game drive in the national park, make sure that you keep within the car given that getting out of the car hire isn’t that safe for you. Make sure that you give wildlife the respect that they deserve in life. Remember that visiting the park for wildlife viewing, you will be a foreigner in these wildlife species habitats which means you have to give them that maximum respect they need to ensure that they are safe and you are also safe at the end of day.

Do not just fall into potholes with car rental make sure that you slow down once to bump into a pothole.

Avoid hooting anyhow while at the national park as this is not accepted by Uganda Wildlife Authority and serves as part of the driving rules and regulations for travelers on safari in Uganda. This kind of behavior disorganizes the behavior of wildlife and can force them to move deeper places and this is not healthy for conservation and can also affect your clear wildlife viewing.

Turn off the car engine while next to wildlife species. But in case you are very sure of your vehicle’s ignite fast when need comes. These wild creatures can easily be irritated by the car engine sound.

In conclusion, if you are interested in having a unique driving adventure in Uganda, then follow the above listed tips and you won’t regret taking a safari in this spectacular country.







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