Rental a Car in Tanzania

How to Rent a Car in Tanzania

Getting the best rental car in East Africa can be stressful whether first time or as a repeat traveler on a safari in Tanzania. If you have plans to explore Tanzania, a rental car is considerably the best alternative for your movement to and from your dream destination. With so many car hire agencies offering related car rental services, finding the best deal also becomes challenging.

This is why you need to put into consideration the following steps and tips;

  • Find at least 2 to 4 car rental companies or more to conduct your research before making the final decision. These should fit within your travel desires and it will help you make comparisons on a number of aspects including rates, rental deals with special offers, terms and conditions.
  • Contact a car hire company and inquire if there are special offers, availability, rates, pick-ups, hidden charges among others. Ask everything you want to understand before you pay for your car hire.
  • Select convenient pick up point. When renting a car in Tanzania, ensure that you identify the most convenient point to pick up your rental car from once you land at Entebbe airport. You can choose to pick your car at Entebbe airport or adjacent area to the airport. Also, inquire if the car hire agency does provide free pick ups at the airport or within Kampala capital city.
  • Choose the best rental vehicle. Visitor travel needs differ and you should pick a vehicle that is suitable for your Uganda safaris. It should be accommodative depending on the number of people, luggage. For family tours we still have you sorted with our comfortable safari vans or self-drive tours using 4×4 Toyota Rav4.
  • Book your chosen car in advance. Now that you have made up your mind on the kind of vehicle to use on Uganda safari, take a step to have it reserved early to avoid disappointments. Do not wait for last minutes like others tend to do!






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