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How to Hire a Car in Uganda- What you need to know

Whether you want to hire a car in Uganda or abroad for a safari or business, there are some basic things you need to consider before venturing into the market place. It pays to do your research and have all that you need to hand before hiring a car and then follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth road ahead.

How do I hire a car?

Hiring is so easy as there are only three methods used that is email, phone call, going direct to the companies head offices and book a car of your choice.

What information do I need to provide when hiring a car?

Hiring a rental car gives you the freedom to travel around the destination of your choice at your own pace, however there are some things you need to be aware of in order to make it a straightforward experience.

Be clear on the pick-up and drop off location that is most convenient for you. For example if you wish to hire a car in Entebbe, is it easier for your pick up location to be direct from the airport, the station or would you prefer an inner city location or at your preferred hotel? Your car hire company will be able to give you the range of options but just make sure you have booked the most convenient place for you. To save money on  your self-drive car, book form companies which do offer free airport drop and pick.

What type of car do you require?

Car hire companies will have a range of different types of vehicle available, depending on the demand and time of year. So it is worth considering what you will be using your car for and how much space you require. The majority of car hire companies will be able to offer small, medium and large cars as well as estate, SUV and premium range cars. Prices range considerably depending on which option you choose, but be assured a car can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Inspection of the car

This is so important to note the dents and scratches on the car and other miner damages before you take the car. Make sure that almost everything is working and in good condition for example the lights, indicators, breaks. Take a short drive test before you take the car. Make sure that the car has all what’s needed for example the reflector triangle which will be used when the car gets a problem in the middle or besides the road, fire extinguisher, a spear tyre plus the wheel spanner and jerk.

Car hire contract/ agreement

You are advised to read carefully the terms and conditions of the car hire company and if you do not understand any term, you have to ask the agent to explain you more about it.

It is time to collect your car and you’ll need to make sure you have the following documents on you:

A valid driving licence{photocopy of you driving licence and passport are required}

Cash to hire the car. {full payments are required on arrival}

Confirmation of the booking is useful, but not always necessary.

Enjoy your hire car!

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