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10 HELPFUL Car Rental Tips For First Timers (2024)

Car rental is becoming popular each day and day in the tourism Field of Africa due to the Emergency of Private Guided Travelers or Guided Safaris travellers that wish to explore the beauty of Africa. Driving Africa has designed the best article about Self-driving or Guided tours in African Countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, D R Congo, Tanzania, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Egypt among others.

Driving in Africa is more difficult and the Car Hirer should be an experienced driver to manage driving in the Trading Centers of African Countries like Kampala in Uganda, Kigali in Rwanda, Nairobi for Kenya and many More. The Reason why i base mostly on East African Region and Central Africa plus South African Countries it’s that traveller explored some of these countries on self-drive or guided tours Option.

Advise that it’s useful to take use of a rental car in Africa as it saves you the trouble of hiring an Airport taxi and hotels charging you more for Airport pick and drop yet most of the car rental agencies are located near the Airport or at Airport. You don’t need to be bothered by such inconvenience when you can simply rent a car instead from any Kenya car rental agency that has favoring Terms and conditions.

Travel to East Africa, renting a car is great, fine and safer.  A rental car can turn into a liability instead of being a convenience, if you don’t read the terms and conditions.

East Africa

These are some of the car hire tips you have to follow to enjoy your travel with Self-drive East Africa.

Always Prepare Documents

One of the most crucial tips for renting a car in Kenya is to prepare the documents. Depending on each company, you might need different documents. Yet there are required documents, and they are: Visa, passport, proof of identity (also known as ID).

The driver’s license and money are also needed, along with proof of booking and reservation. Not to mention, a security deposit is also a good thing to bring along.

Consider a 4×4 Car if you are tempted to go off-road

Most of the interesting places to visit around East Africa, in general, require a strong 4 wheel drive car due to the nature of the roads in the area. The roads are bad and sometimes impassable, especially in the rain season. For instance, the impenetrable forests of Bwindi in Southwestern Uganda, Kidepo valley national park, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro crater conservation areas among others require a four-wheel drive.

Road Conditions in East Africa

Generally speaking, most highways are very good with good tarmac. However, some parts have murram with much dust especially in the dry season, for instance, the road from Masindi through Hoima to Kyenjojo.

You will find bad roads in rural areas with dust, potholes, and without road markings. Access is most national parks is difficult and only 4×4 cars are highly recommended, for instance, Bwindi Impenetrable National park in Uganda, Masai Mara in Kenya and Ngorongoro conservation area in Tanzania among others.

Pack your own extras where need be

Planning for a Rwanda self-drive tour? Save a lot from incurring costs for things you already have if you plan to self-drive in Rwanda. There are some essential items you can come along with like GPS, Google maps, satellite radio, kid seats and others.

Extra Fees and Insurance

Extra insurance and fees is another thing to know before renting a car in African countries, especially Kenya. There are some companies offering extra insurance that you may want to avoid the need of leaving a security deposit.

However, one thing you need to know is that additional insurance is merely an extra. In fact, it is not a legal requirement for renting a vehicle. Of course, there are people who might offer an upgrade to the customers. And this is why you should consider the budget carefully before accepting the offer. If you want a pleasant journey in a comfortable car, you might enjoy them. Some rented automobiles might include a jack, spare tyre, spade, air conditioning, rope, car explanation booklet, jumper cables, and radio with USB port. A roadmap is another thing you might want to have.

Consider carefully before Renting

It is a fact to always check everything before renting. Normally, tourists will consider various vehicle hire companies; therefore consider different prices, policies and requirements. It is to ensure the best deal possible. Also, there are different settings based on the user’s wants and needs.

If you want to drive inside the city, the price will be cheaper. And if you are interested in renting cars to go out of the city, there will be different insurance, pricing as well as automobile types. So make it clear before renting to make sure you have the right kind of car for the purpose of the trip.

Have minimum number of drivers

Whether you plan to go on a family trip in Rwanda or simply a getaway with your colleagues, ensure you have a minimum number of drivers. This is because you may incur a charge on every extra driver you include whether they drive or not. But at times, car hire companies waive the charge for corporate rental cars or spouse. Before you get excited, ensure that you double-check to be certain of what policy it is since this differs from company to company.

Company’s operating hours

You must also consider the car rental company operating hours; the operating hours stand one of the biggest and important factors which the travellers should consider before booking their vehicle in the company operating hours.

The 24 hour drop off and pick up service option not only allows the travellers to plan time around their schedule but also to be aground or locked out in case they reach after 5:00pm. The flexibility will give the vacationers extra peace of mind while they are adventuring a new locale. 


While it’s likely that you’re not familiar with your location and surroundings in Africa. Guided trips in Africa are provided and better to create memories because travellers suffer a lot when it comes to Self- drive or Guided drive in Africa. Contact Self-drive East Africa for more information about car rental in Africa.







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