Driving in Nigeria

8 Driving Tips for Nigeria Visitors

Car rental Nigeria safety driving tips are safety or protective measures you can take to enjoy your road trip. Observing anyone of these driving tips helps protect not only you on the road/highways but also reduce on the road accidents recorded. Before you consider driving a company’s car rental in Nigeria, first, ask yourself are you confident enough? Below are some of the best car rental Nigeria safety driving tips to help build that confidence while ensuring your safety on the road.

Conduct some practice with various cars

If you access to various brands/models of vehicles, we advise that you take advantage of it and sharpen your driving skills. Note, the more vehicles you drive/practice, your driving skills get perfected and the more it builds confidence in you. The idea is also to enhance your experience in driving other than concentrating on one vehicle.

Find room for practice

Immediately you have obtained your driver’s license, the next stage is practice! Always be on search for places where you can possibly do your practice. Preferably, you can choose a bit quiet places or districts with longer roads or find routes with corners to sharpen your turning skills. Other places include football fields provided it is allowed.

Bond with the vehicle

Driving a car rental isn’t a mere accelerating, turning the steering or applying the brakes. While driving, you will need to connect the car on a very technical level and this is to help you know the behavior of the vehicle and it does respond to your control instructions. When you reach to a point in which you can connect with the vehicle beyond merely driving it, it does empower you to drive nearly any vehicle.

Anticipate difficult situations

The one essential trait of a good driver is his or her ability to respond to difficult situations or emergencies. With many driving tips, this particular one concentrates on person’s ability to imagine hypothetical scenarios which may play part when you are behind the wheel.

Do not ignore the handbrake

Handbrakes are significant especially when you want to neutralize the high-speed and this can save a life in situations where you bump into wet areas. Using them builds confidence in you while driving.

Drive without the ABS

Find out if your car rental has an Automatic Braking System what is abbreviated as ABS. In case it does have, ensure you disable it to help you practice an emergency stop and this is one significant thing you need to be aware how to operate.

Double check the side mirrors

Did you know it is easy to forget to adjust the side mirrors of your car prior getting in? This is a blind spot you may create because you won’t be in position to see the other vehicles in a lane yet they might be very close to you. To avoid all these, ensure you have adjusted your side-view mirrors and you can check if they are correctly adjusted by driving passed the car ahead of you.

Other essential driving tips to put into consideration include mastering the art of reversing, practice in-turn braking and test the brake.






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