Voyages of the World’ premieres on DStv

This November, Discovery World takes viewers on a captivating voyage around the world. Beginning the great journey is ‘Marley Africa Road Trip’ which sees musician Bob Marley’s three sons Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie return to Africa 30 years on from their father’s landmark freedom performance there.

This candid documentary series offers an intriguing look into one the most legendary musical families in history, following the trio as they travel through South Africa on motorcycles, and embraces their thoughts, memories, observations and frustrations.

Also, as part of Voyages of the World, comes Joanna Lumley’s Nile which sees her travel the river from its mouth to its source, encompassing the rich, varied history and contemporary daily life of the world’s longest river. From the luxury of Egypt to the searing heat of Sudan and on to the jungles of Rwanda, Joanna’s interaction with everyone she meets bring this rare expedition to life. It starts on Wednesday 2 November at 18:30 CAT.






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