Traveling on Budget

Planning a Budget African Safari

Traveling to Africa and meeting up with your dream encounters has never been easy for many though others feel comfortable no matter how much they spend. Camping & budget tours help travelers to spend less and also grab all exciting moments in particular destinations and attractions they chose to visit and explore. This gives freedom to travelers and the entire trip crew including drivers and guides.

In Uganda, budget camping tours require hiring camping gears and staying in cheap budget lodges throughout the trip a situation which makes travelers enjoy their trips even more by exploring a destination to its best. However, ask yourself a few questions before booking a budget & camping trip in Africa. What size of van do you need?, which activities do you want to do?, how many days do you want to spend on the trip? And how much are you willing to spend per day. In Uganda, it’s possible to access some parks and attractions, in a standard 4WD hire safari car thanks to car hire service providers who keep vehicles well maintained and ready for the road at all times.

Accommodation and food are very essential when it comes to budget camping trips in Uganda but travelers can as well carry their own food or can use budget camping accommodations on full board basis and let go the hassle of carrying food. For more details on where to buy bites and what to carry, contact the expert trip organizers to guide you through the process and save some few dollars on the entire trip. While saving some dollars there are some difficulties to go solo and also to back packer since some attractions are sited in far distant areas off the main road which makes connectivity quite hard. Also catching up with day’s activities becomes a night mare without a private safari vehicle especially game drives, gorilla trekking expeditions etc.

Even after the adventure returning back to your lodge of residence becomes tricky. But if you know how to drive, a map can guide you through the entire trip successfully without facing any difficulties. A fully equipped 4WD with pop-up roof cost around $50-$150 per day minus driver and fuel a fair price for any budget camping safari in Uganda. But if you not a good map reader, would recommend you to have an experienced guide to take you through the entire trip including where to spot the park’s favourite.Without a guide chances of missing out interesting encounters is 70% making self-drive trips fit for only people who have been on safari before.

Still you may end up in danger at one point or the other because you may either drive off track or fail to know how to behave with particular wild animals when sited in the park or on the path yet some are too aggressive. This can put your life not only at risk but danger. Don’t forget to drive at a reasonable speed when inside the parks and around different attractions. After considering the above you can embark on your awesome Uganda budget camping tour to any of your favorite Uganda Park.

Camping with a safari van is ideal in places where you can protect yourself from wildlife, sun as well as also have some space for hanging out .Such places in Uganda include Murchison falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest, Queen Elizabeth National park and Lake Mburo National park. Depending on how long you are travelling , you could say it was maybe too small or just fine to hire such trip vehicle and to come along with our experienced guide. While on this budget Uganda trip, you can as well experience everything like other travelers visiting same travel destinations with you. The ball is in your hands to make your camping trip a success while in the pearl of Africa but you can as well cut costs by visiting some attractions on both foot and public means of transport.






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