Driving in Uganda

Self Drive in Uganda – Is this Possible?

Self Drive Holidays are a new trend in most countries especially in Southern Africa. There is increasingly a number of tourists looking for self drive in East Africa and Uganda is no exception! A self drive in Uganda is possible though the segment that has attracted mostly backpackers and budget travelers who visit the country to explore its amazing attractions at relatively lower costs.

Why Take a Self Drive Tour in Uganda

Flexibility:This is one of the reasons why one should hire a self-drive car, in that some of our cars like safari land cruisers have roof tents, so instead of booking accommodation before even your safari, you can just camp in any of your interested place in Uganda’s national park or reserve, or you can use our camping equipment option provided with our 4×4 car rental. The money you may have spent on accommodation can be spent in anything else. Not only that, but when in a self- drive car, it gives you freedom to drive at your own pace.

Reasonable price: We hire our cars at a very affordable rate, the 4×4 camper/roof-tent becomes your accommodation and transport and offers excellent value so you end up biting 2 birds with one stone, and you are capable of reaching any corner of Uganda whether it’s a rough road our vehicles can reach there. When you compare other car hire charges in other countries you may find that we offer affordable car rental services. We have a variety of cars, you can decide to take an ordinary 4×4 without camping provision or you can opted a car with camping equipment, our Rav 4 and vans also can do the best to make your safari to Uganda  memorable one.

Unrestricted travel: Ounce you hire from us and greed upon with the company terms and condition, you are free to drive at anywhere you wish to go.Some parts of Uganda most especially those endowed with tourist attractions are located in remote areas so a 4×4 vehicle is necessary, either need to travel as a family we have vehicles that can take all of you other cars include land cruiser Rav 4, saloon cars either you are going for safaris, functions, conference our cars are hired at no restrictions.

Better game watching: with a hired self -drive car, you are capable of viewing several species of wild animals and photography in case on a safari, most of our vehicles like van/super custom, land cruiser have a top up roof which can permit easy watching of animals and photography becomes very easy, you can drive anywhere in the park for better viewing of animals.

Comprehensive experience: for real self-drive car gives you a real feel of the country, you pass through very many attractions and you are free to stop at any point to admire nature, so you can see and enjoy. Since you own the itinerary you drive to where you wish to go,you also own the freedom you desire in a rental car most especially when on a self-drive.

Echoes of the jungle:when in a hired a car with tents you can decide to camp in the jungle in a safety of your roof tent, and here you will be fortunate to feel the sounds of the bush something that will really make you feel that you’re on an adventurous safaris in Africa.






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