Volcanoes of Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

It is much more wise to trek the mountain gorillas of Volcanoes national park than those in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda. You should be very conscious if you are to trek gorillas in volcanoes National Park. Only fifty six (56) tourists or visitors are allowed to view these gorillas per day. Because of this therefore, you will have to   purchase the gorilla permit well  in advance to avoid inconveniences.Basically, the experience obtained from viewing these gorillas is very authentic and awesome to you. The money you will pay to view these gorillas is worthwhile after you have finished tracking or viewing them (the great apes). Remember, you will never be allowed to carry any of these gorillas back to your country of residence or origin. The only memories you can take is a photo which can be taken with permission from the park authorities before you view the gorillas.

A new lodge with modern authorities has been established for you to stay in during your gorilla tracking expedition in the Rwandan Volcanoes. This further has made gorilla tracking activity very interesting and rewarding within this country (the republic of Rwanda). This is because this lodge is located near the volcanoes National park. The new lodge is called wilderness safari Bisate Lodge. This is the only new lodge you can stay in when you are in comfortably when you are in the republic of Rwanda and it will really make your make your experience a lifetime experiences which will offer you great memories. It is well situated within an eroded volcanic cone of the country. Its elevation is very straight with an awesome and interesting view of Mountain peaks, Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi. Mountain Bisoke is just located in front of the volcanoes national park. On the other hand, Mount Karismbi is the highest volcano. On its side, just beyond, the rugged peak of Mountain Mikeno is found or situated. It lies in the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC)

Wilderness safari Bisate Lodge is surrounded by a thick forest with indigenous tress and this has added on the beauty to this new lodge. The tree species which are found in this forest include; the Hagenia tree species and mountain bamboo. Currently the lodge is working tirelessly to bring back and restore a number of attractions within the forest. These include; birds, butterflies and a number of mammals. They will be brought to the forest and will provide tourism activities including bird watching, butterfly watching and wildlife viewing. For visitors who wish or want to participate in photography, this the best lodge to stay in as it has a nice view which can allow you participate in this activity. You will peacefully participate in these activities without any hustle. The location of this park is very fine in that it is located in adjacent or within the proximity of the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park. This therefore will give you an easier early morning entry to the park on the day of gorilla trekking or tracking. Indeed this is of great advantage to you since you will not arrive late at the park on the day of tracking. Of course on the day of tracking, you will have to be briefed on how to go about gorilla tracking within the park and this involves the does and don’ts while in the park.

The composition of this lodge is Spherical and domed in shape with the Rwandan royal architecture. After this lodge has been finished, it will comprise of six (6) square foot villas in spherical domed structures that will be like stuff of fantasy. They will be actually based on the Rwandan type of architecture for royal places with the shape intended to mimic the hills of the country’s landscape. Within this lodge (inside the lodge) the design is sophisticated with a mix of woven textures, wood and details from the region and semicircle windows and these do provide the volcanoes views. Inside, the design is sophisticated with a mix of woven textures and woods.






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