Understanding Network Security on Centos 7 Platform


CentOS can be a well-liked Linux submission that may be freely available from the CentOS web site. The current version is centos 7 els, that has been unveiled in July 2017. However, Centos 6 is still maintained by the city and obtains upgrades regularly. This post will give an introduction to what lifecycle help for Centos 6 consists of.

Centos 6 was initially introduced in October 2011 and will reach its stop of lifestyle on November 30, 2021. Consequently following that day, there will probably not be any protection up-dates or bug fixes introduced for Centos 6. Should you use Centos 6, it is important to plan to up grade to a more recent version before the end of life time to be able to continue acquiring critical stability upgrades.

However, even though Centos 6 has stopped being getting actively created doesn’t suggest that it really has been completely abandoned. There exists still a big community of consumers and programmers who maintain and support Centos 6. You can find details and aid in utilizing Centos 6 about the recognized website or on a variety of on-line discussion boards. In addition, several service providers of business support solutions for Linux distributions supply support for Centos 6.


If you use Centos 6, it is essential to know about the impending finish of lifestyle date and decide to upgrade to a newer model before that particular date so that you can carry on getting essential stability upgrades. Even so, despite the fact that Centos 6 has stopped being becoming actively created, there is certainly still a sizable community of end users and builders who sustain and assistance it. You can get information and facts and help with utilizing Centos 6 on the formal website or on numerous online discussion boards. Furthermore, many companies of industrial support services for Linux distributions supply assistance for Centos 6.