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A life of faith is not supposed to be lived alone. As a church, we are here for you. In the good times and in the tough times, God often comes through those around you. All Souls’ Church supports one another: celebrating the great joys of life and walking together through the darker valleys. We hope that you will feel at home here, surrounded by a community of faith.
Our time together is through a variety of activities. Primarily, we worship miami church with one another. Worship is at the center of our spiritual life as Episcopalians. Out of that time with God comes so many opportunities from Bible Study to Feeding others. We hope we have something that will pique your interest and if we don’t, then please suggest it!
Hopefully, as you surf our ever-reforming website you will discover what is at the core of our mission and ministry; we are a deeply spiritual community, formed by worship, prayer, and service. We at Christ the King are an evangelical and catholic faith community. What that means is we are a faith community whose mission and ministry is all about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us in both word and deed since the true origin of the word “evangelical” means “good news sharing.” And we are “catholic” in that we are part of the universal western church, sharing the same liturgical and sacramental actions in common but with the focus upon the good news, the healing that Jesus Christ offers us and our world. We understand ourselves to be a community bound together by God’s mission, growing in faith, and understanding, reflecting the love and power of Jesus Christ to others. We are a congregation that values forgiveness, giving to the needs of others, and deepening our spiritual lives, and deepening our relationship with the Holy and thereby modeling that to our children all the while creating a greater sense of community among those who gather for worship, study, and serving our Lord and our neighbors.