Important things to know about breast augmentation


Many women find small breasts irritating. They might think their breasts look embarrassing or not as attractive as they should be. Luckily, you don’t have to feel like this forever. You can go for a simple operation to fix all this: breast augmentation. Dr Leonard Hochstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise for over two decades in performing this procedure, can significantly help you achieve perfection with your breasts.
But before you seek professional help, you need to be sure if you are a candidate for such a procedure. If you decide to go for this step, you need to know why you need it and what to expect from the augmentation process.
Your breasts are small
You can have small breasts simply because it is in your genes. But other than nature, you can get small breasts if you have lost a lot of weight. The size of your breasts will typically shrink following the loss of body fat. Also, if you have recently given birth or stopped breastfeeding, you will notice a reduction in breast size. This is a result of hormone changes inside your body.
Having a sit-down with an expert
Without a true expert planning and executing your procedure, you will be risking a lot. This is why Dr. Hochstein recommends doing a serious search for the right surgeon for your procedure. So, you need to have an appointment with the chosen expert to discuss the details of the operation. Also, you need to talk to the surgeon about your medical history and any health conditions or meds you are taking. Having this sit-down will make you enlightened about the steps and results of the augmentation. This sit-down is also important in discussing the best implant type that works the best for your body and needs.