Five reasons to use a robots.txt file on your website


A robots.txt file is a written text file that tells google search crawlers which elements of your internet site they may crawl and list. Having a robots.txt data file is an important part of SEO finest methods, and listed below are five reasons why you ought to utilize one on your web site:

1. To help keep your website’s search engine rankings great

For those who have lots of web pages on your own website that you simply don’t want indexing by search engine listings, you can use a robots.txt file to tell crawlers which web pages to protect yourself from. This will aid keep your website’s search engine ranking positions higher and prevent your website from becoming penalized by Yahoo and google.

2. To guard your website’s content material

When you have delicate or confidential info on your site, you can use a robots.txt data file to help keep crawlers from accessing it. This will help safeguard your website’s content and keep it resistant to simply being stolen or accessed by not authorized users.

3. To boost your website’s load time

When you have a great deal of photos or records on the site which you don’t wish to list, you can use a robots.txt data file to tell crawlers in order to avoid them. This will assist boost your website’s stress some time and make it faster for end users gain access to.

4. To boost your website’s functionality

When you have lots of internet pages on your internet site which are difficult to get around, use a robots.txt submit to inform crawlers to protect yourself from them. This helps boost your website’s usability and make it simpler for consumers to discover the information they’re seeking.

5. To guard your website from junk

If you have a lot of web pages on the web site that are employed for junk, you can use a robots.txt document to know crawlers to avoid them. This helps safeguard your site from spamming whilst keeping it resistant to simply being taken over by crawlers.

In summary, by using a robots.txt data file is an essential part of SEO finest practices, and there are many reasons you need to use one on the web site.