Common baby shower event mistakes and how to avoid those?


If your best friend is going to become a mama, you must plan a baby shower for her! It is a wonderful way of bringing all the close friends together and have some fun. If you have no prior experience of planning a baby shower, you might be a little overwhelmed with the idea of throwing a party. In this article, we will address all the mistakes which people make while they arrange a baby shower party. After knowing these mistakes, you will come in a better position on how to throw the party, who to invite, how to plan baby shower games , and how to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the party. If you are planning a surprise party, and the mom-to-be has no clue, you should first indirectly discuss with her and should know her preferences, after all she is the special one and has all the right to enjoy the party in her way! Invitation is also a major thing to consider. Most people commit mistakes while designing the invitation cards, you should take help from other friends if you do not have an idea about this.

Mistakes to avoid
Following are the mistakes which you must avoid when you are throwing a baby shower party for your friend.

• Planning theme not as per the expectations – many people plan the baby shower parties with all the baby theme, and they do not consider what the mom or other guests are expecting. Sometimes, it is fine to include a light theme.
• Not taking help from other friends – You must always ask for help from other family members and friends of the to-be-mother. They will definitely give good advice and ideas!
• Inviting more people – You must know how many people you are inviting. Some people do not care for this thing, and at the end it becomes difficult to manage all.