Armitage Shanks – the perfect combination of quality and value


Armitage shanks can be a leading supplier of potty remedies. With over 150 several years of encounter, they have supplied lavatories for probably the most iconic properties and situations worldwide. From your London Olympic Games around the world Expo, toilet seat has become there. These people have a pursuit to supply environmentally friendly toilet alternatives that boost people’s lives.

Environmentally friendly Toilet Alternatives

Armitage shanks is focused on delivering lasting potty remedies. There is a extensive recycling program that makes sure that almost all their items are recycled or reused. Additionally, they use water-conserving technological innovation in every their items. This decreases the volume of h2o used and conserves cherished assets.Moreover, they utilize electricity-effective lights in most their goods. This not just will save you electricity but additionally lessens the co2 footprint of their items.

Revolutionary Potty Alternatives

Armitage shanks is continually innovating to offer the best possible toilet alternatives. They were the initial organization introducing bathrooms with built-in handwashing facilities. This advancement has since been followed by other manufacturers which is now the business standard. They also have developed a exclusive flushing method which utilizes significantly less h2o yet still gives a powerful flush. Moreover, these people have a sturdy analysis and growth software that is always seeking new ways to increase their products and services.


Armitage shanks is really a entire world-major supplier of bathroom solutions. With well over 150 years of practical experience, they already have supplied lavatories for among the most iconic buildings and activities on earth. From the London Olympic Games to everyone Expo, Armitage shanks continues to be there. They have a pursuit to provide sustainable bathroom alternatives that boost people’s life. Their commitment to sustainability and development makes them the perfect partner for any company or business that wants trustworthy and effective bathroom solutions.