3 Ways to Improve your Review Responding Abilities


When it comes to finding a way to grow your business, reviews are perhaps one of the most important things that you can use to get a better insight on how to develop your business and brand even further. This is even more so crucial for online businesses and platforms where you can respond to these reviews to know more about any issues or just show your gratitude.

Online review management is an important skill to have when it comes to these scenarios as many PR experts such as Francis Santa would advise you to start practicing when it comes to growing your online business. Knowing how to respond to reviews is a great way to start developing this skill and we’re here to help with 3 ways you can improve it.

Be Quick and Responsive
It is important to be able to respond to reviews as fast as possible. This is all the more crucial for bad reviews as not responding to them can leave a negative impression on other clients which can dampen your cash flow or even completely stop it. Regardless if they are good or bad reviews, always aim to respond to them with a little acknowledgment as it shows that you care for your customers and that you are looking out for their best interests at all times.

Have Updated Reviews First
It Francis Santa is important to always have recent reviews show up first rather than your most popular ones as this gives a good impression of what kind of business you are. When you are working with responding to reviews, work from the oldest to the newest so that you can get a better sense of the progress of your business.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help
Never be afraid to ask for help from another person or company. Automating your responses or strictly following a review answer can leave a negative impression on your client base and will often cause them to feel frustrated. Getting help allows you to give more organic responses which customers will appreciate more.